We Offer the following Services:

Compile Social and Labour Plan documents for new mining right applications, existing and renewals including amendments in terms of Section 102 of the MPRDA

Develop annual implementation plans and annual reports for SLP’s and the Mining Charter

Stakeholder/ community consultations and relationship management

write my research paper

Alignment of internal transformation policies to sector regulations i.e MPRDA, Mining Charter and Social and Labour Plan

Manage downscaling and retrenchments in terms of section 52 of the MPRDA

Facilitate consultations with interested and affected parties in terms of Section 10 (1) including consultations for relocations. 

Provide guidance on the following mining rights applications:

  • new mining rights and renewal applications in terms of section 22 (1) and 24 (1), 
  • proposals for amendments on issued rights and approved Social and Labour Plans as per section 102, 
  • Cession and dilution of rights in terms of Section 11 (1) as well as handling retrenchment processes in terms of Section 52 (1) (a) & (b) of the MPRDA. 

Prospecting right applications in terms of Section 16 (1) 

Coordinate implementation of a supplier development programme/strategy.

Conduct quarterly internal compliance assessments to promote proactive approach to compliance

Conduct social needs assessment for alignment with company’s Corporate Social Investment strategy 

Coordinate establishment of internal structure/s to ensure effective integration/ synergizing of strategic activities relating to Mining Regulation. 

Conduct internal audits regularly on SLP and Mining Charter performance and make recommendations where necessary (especially on ring fenced Charter elements).